Sistem Pemantauan Ruang Menggunakan Metode Background Subtraction dengan Notifikasi Whatsapp


  • Reza Aulia State Polytechnic of Malang



Monitoring, CCTV, Whatsapp, Fire Detection, QoS


This research was carried out by monitoring space using the background subtraction method with WhatsApp notifications, with features that make a system that can work and can help security and safety. The testing of this research is the effect of light intensity, the diversity of objects with different distances on motion detection and fire detection, WhatsApp notification delay testing and Quality of Service streaming networks on the website. From the results of the system testing carried out, the test results show that the light intensity used in the motion detection program must be more than 0 lux and objects that are too small are not defined as motion, fire detection can work at lux 8.33 and 25, delay in sending notifications is the same - equally good, when using a mobile network or FTTH, for delay in QOS (Quality of Service) testing it is in the very bad category, namely 0.99 Second, the resulting throughput is 1048.53 Bytes/second on average and Packet loss is categorized as good in ITU -T with a value of 0%.


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R. Aulia, “Sistem Pemantauan Ruang Menggunakan Metode Background Subtraction dengan Notifikasi Whatsapp”, Journal of Telecommunication Network, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 15-20, Nov. 2017.